The Financial Services sector is evolving at dramatic speed and it is apparent, already, that COVID-19 will only accelerate the fintech-led drive away from traditional business models. Against a backdrop of unprecedented change, which has witnessed bank branches closed and virtually the entire financial services industry transition to working from home, many well-established face-to-face and office-based processes have become redundant.

In the circumstances, the necessity and urgency of digital transformation becomes more obvious than ever. As the sector emerges from the crisis, traditional players have little option other than to adapt, or face being left behind altogether. A more agile, customer-centric approach is paramount. We envisage the raft of new and emerging technologies that seek to address customer needs and reduce friction being integral to this approach. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, API Platforms and Blockchain are amongst those that we expect to feature prominently as automation, enhanced interoperability and process integration take priority.

Moreover, since the origins of such enabling technologies lie - for the most part - outside of the sector, it is incumbent on financial service industry stakeholders to put a cross-sectoral approach at the heart of this transformation. The challenges are not insignificant and go beyond those of just a technological nature. The sector must also be ready to adapt to new and revised regulations, embrace collaboration, become more resilient towards cyber-threats and be capable of re-imagining human resources.

Precision helps clients identify needs, scope aims, unlock resources and develop comprehensive implementation strategies within the context of the rapidly evolving changes shaping the future of the Financial Services sector - with particular focus on the cross-sectoral approach that, we believe, is paramount to it. Our clients range from central banks and monetary authorities, to regulators, leading banks and other key financial institutions.


Specialist expertise
Stocks & Derivatives
Asset Management
Alternative Finance
Tax & Treasury
Legal & Regulatory Compliance
Corporate Governance
Risk Assessment/Management
Audit & Investigation
Litigation & Recovery
Capital Management
Restructuring & Transformation
Blockchain/Distributed Ledger
Cross--border settlement

Scope of Work/Services
Consulting & Advisory
Corporate & Strategic Comms
Public Relations
Crisis Control/Management

Core Disciplines
Research and analysis
Consultancy and training support
Workshop planning
Standards and regulations
Supply chain

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
Arab Bank
Bank of the Bahamas
Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi
Bank Audi Group
BNDES (Brazilian Development Bank)
BNP Paribas
Butterfield Bank
Caixa Econômica Federal
Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
Central Bank of Oman
Commercial Bank Qatar
Ernst & Young
Fidelity Bank

Gulf Bank
Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Malaysia Anti-Corruption Academy
National Commercial Bank Saudi Arabia
Pakistan Federal Board of Revenue
Qatar Financial Markets Authority
Qatar Financial Centre Authority (QFCA)
Qatar National Bank (QNB)
Securities Commission Malaysia
St. Lucia Financial Intelligence Authority
Standard Chartered


Precision’s Financial Services faculty comprises current and former heads of regulatory compliance, corporate governance, risk management and such like. Crucially, it is complemented by some of the brightest minds in the new and emerging financial technology fields, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, API Platforms and such like.

Drawing upon the unparalleled expertise inherent in this assiduously assembled faculty, we provide a comprehensive suite of services to key stakeholders within the financial services industry.


Schedule a call with one of our Financial Services experts today to explain your current challenges and see how we can help.

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