Simon Michell

Faculty Head

Simon Michell has been active in the Smart Cities arena for a decade working as a consultant for a number of high profile US and European companies helping them to diversify into the Smart City sector.

He devised and edited the HyperCat Smart Cities publication which was published in 2016 to promote a universal IoT standard for Smart City Development.

During the 1990’s Simon worked at the Jane’s Information Group as a Defence Business Analyst and Managing Editor of the aerospace/defence yearbook portfolio. After leaving Jane’s, he joined the Dynamixx Consultancy as a Senior Analyst whilst continuing to pursue a career in journalism with Newsdesk Media (NM) and RUSI. At NM, he was involved in advocacy/PR work for the UK Armed Forces as Editor of the Royal Navy’s Global Power and Broadsheet publications and the Royal Air Force’s Air Power publication, which he still edits.

He has contributed articles for various magazines and newspapers including the Times, Jane’s Defence Weekly, International Defence Review and the Indian Military Review. Simon also edited the official Royal Navy Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier publications, produced by this company.

Area of Expertise : Smart Cities, Aerospace, Marine
  • United Kingdom