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Precision has established a reputation for delivering meticulously organised training and leadership programmes, focussing on topics of critical importance to the sectors we serve.

Our ability to do so is founded on the powerful combination of real-world expertise in the business and industry sectors we serve, deeper and more detailed knowledge of the laws, regulations, conventions and other frameworks relating to each and a strategic, fresh-thinking approach to their application.

We believe that our media-rich background affords us a further advantage, since imparting knowledge via training is, unquestionably, a logical extension to disseminating instructions and advice in the written form.

Assignments vary from short workshops to multi-day learning and development programmes where we train tiers of management or senior staff in their respective responsibilities. Training can be delivered from a variety of perspectives, depending on the particular needs, but is invariably delivered by world-class experts in the corresponding subject areas. Our courses are designed to impart unique knowledge, make theory real and relatable and provide tools that can be readily applied in practice, resulting in tangible and measurable improvements to both individual and organisational capabilities.

We are flexible in our design and approach. Our courses are not inexpensive, but we believe they provide incomparable return on investment. Whether you are looking to overhaul an entire institutional infrastructure or improve individual working practices, we will work with you to develop the knowledge and capabilities essential in any capacity building exercise.

Without any commitment on your part, we will give our time to listen to you and assess your training needs. We will offer our own suggestions based on our considerable expertise, including alternative options, endeavouring at all times to fit in with your time-frame and budget.

"We take great pride in our ability to deliver training that not merely meets our clients’ expectations, but regularly surpasses them in terms of breadth, scope and calibre."

Methodology: Our five-step guide to successful, client focussed training


Whilst training assignments generally evolve, our core philosophy assumes that our clients are the key stakeholders in determining programme aims and objectives. From initial dialogue to determining requirements, we seek to identify and address the fundamental issues and challenges. We focus on imparting unique knowledge and providing tools that can be readily applied in practice, resulting in tangible and measurable improvements to organisational capabilities.

Step 1.Needs analysis

We appreciate the importance of spending time with you at the outset, agreeing upon the training needs, their ultimate purpose and, thereafter, the content and approach most suited to meet those objectives.

Step 2.Background information

We invite you to share with us information about your organisation, such as policies and procedures or confidential information relevant to the training which may require sensitive handling by our trainers.

Step 3.Design

Courses are carefully designed to meet agreed objectives and desired learning outcomes, with audience profile, duration and appropriate teaching methods taken into consideration, e.g. case studies, role-play, round table discussion, skills practice, etc. Course materials are designed accordingly.

Step 4.Delivery & feedback

- Interactive, focussed tutelage delivered by trained trainers.
- Participant surveys/reaction to analyse relevance and
  identify areas for improvement.
- Thorough client debriefing.

Step 5.Evaluation & ROI

Using the desired learning outcomes and evaluation methods as our guide, we can support workplace evaluation, including pre and post course assessment to provide benchmark information. In this case ROI can be accurately qualified.

For more information

If you would like to work with us or would like more information about our Training & Leadership programmes, please call us on +44 20 7428 7000. Alternatively, you may submit your enquiry using the link alongside.

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